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Unfortunately, Worcester has plenty of code that prevents virtually anyone from manufacturing virtually anything on residential property that is intended for sale. I spoke to someone at the Code department and was advised that it simply couldn’t be done. I was given an example of a home-based business that was recently shut down for producing something consideribly less exciting than an alcoholic beverage.

While this doesn’t outright kill the project, it definitely makes it more difficult for me to proceed; it would have been nice to get some additional utility out of the house and land I own in Worcester (particularly since it’s dropped in value since I bought it). I’m now looking into suitable spaces in commercially-zoned areas, but industrial/manufacturing space tends to come in vastly larger parcels than I’d require. If anyone knows of a decent locale, please feel free to drop me a line at keith (at) aleworks (dot) org.

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The city council is working on some cockamamie plan to ban/limit food venders around the city. This may go down as both the silliest and eventually most anti-buisness decision to roll out of council chambers this year. The city is fortunate to have Councilors Rosen and Rushton challenging this matter, but the reality is they’re alone in their fight. The plan is nothing more than a way to get rid of a few problem entities without engaging in creative thought; something the administration seems to be finding difficult these days. The most interesting part of this plan is the way its being justified as protectionist, favoring established brick and mortar business. That really speaks volumes to the way our local leaders view our local restaurants. If Councilor Palmieri believes someone could be about to walk into the Chop House on Shrewsbury St only to divert to a water-dog cart and end up canceling their reservations… Well maybe local restauranteurs might want to ask Phil to stop doing them any favors, it doesn’t say much for your fillet. Mayor Lukes is even more illogical saying if we don’t do something we’ll end up with empty store fronts. Maybe Konnie is hanging out in different parts of town than me… BUT THE STOREFRONTS HAVE BEEN EMPTY FOR 20 FUCKING YEARS! And she thinks a fucking Super Pretzel is going to send everyone packing? Way to stay in touch with the city.
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The council continues to grind through the budget, with a handful of cuts ready to go. There’s also more focus on boosting the Police and Fire departments.

Certainly, police and fire are two of the city’s core services, and every effort needs to be made to keep those departments functioning top-notch. There’s more than just level of service at play here. The city’s public safety is chronically a sore spot for residents (some deserved, some not, as we’ve discussed in the past), so there’s some political expediency that helps things out.

It’s no big surprise that preserving police services is a top priority for city officials. It’s been that way for years. Hopefully those departments can be stabilized a little bit this year, and other departments can be focused on in the future. At some point, the focus needs to expand.
While we’re here, I’m still wondering what the overall preference is among the city’s residents. Cuts, or saving services? I get the feeling that the overwhelming feeling is cuts, but then you hear groups of folks talking about preserving the library, or preserving public safety (where’s the folks trying to save the pool at Coolidge Park, by the way?). What if all those little groups got together? Would their combined voices (and mutual but competing interests) come close to the folks who are perfectly OK with the cuts? Is this even a discussion at this point?
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On Thursday evening I was able to gain access to the paint supply and cover up the second G-Block scrawl that has appeared on the side of the building that faces Gates St. And with the rash of recent vandalism via rock throwing hoodlums on the CSX tracks we decided that it was time to cover up the graffiti that is on the bottom of the building along the railroad tracks.

If you read my personal blog you will know that I am a fan of graffiti and respect good graffiti artists and street art. I love nothing more than looking out the window and watching the trains go by with their traveling art shows on the side of the the CSX, Union Pacific, Burlington Northern and AMD cars. Heck I have a rather large collection of railcar graffiti on my Flickr account that grows each week.
But what we had on the building was not graffiti with any style and substance. The graffiti for the most part was nothing more than Main South “gangs” such as G-Block and Kilby attempting to mark their “territory” with crude childlike scrawls. These kids get away with their graffiti antics so then they begin to think they can cause more property damage by throwing rocks and breaking windows.
Throughout the rest of the summer we will buff (paint over) any more of the graffiti that appears on the building and hopefully that will in turn deter some of the other activities that have been taking place on the railroad tracks.

We also had talks with City Councilor Barbara Haller about using some funds that the city has received from CSX for train track trespassing surveillance. Due to some of the issues we have been having so far this spring Barbara thinks this might be an ideal place for some of these high resolution cameras to be mounted. We hope to hammer out the details regarding that in the coming months.



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3 responses to “Blog Log Digital

  1. Bob

    What exactly is the issue Keith has with code?

  2. In a nutshell, according to the Worcester Zoning Ordinance regulations that pertain to
    “Manufacturing Uses” … they are not permitted in my area, as my home is located within a strictly residential neighborhood, RS-7.

    I kinda expected that making beer on my property for sale would be a tad too radical for the city code.

    However, I did get a nice note from the Planning Division, suggesting that I call them and that I not give up just yet. So we’ll see…

  3. Hi Keith,

    I am also having major issues with the rock throwing hoodlums. We live next to a CSX RR tressel in Independence, KY and they are blasting our home. This has been going on since 1994 with little help from or local PD or from CSX. I would like to see fencing installed like you would see on freeway overpasses. Also would be interested in surveilance cameras being placed on the tressel.

    If you would be willing to share any advice and any contacts you may have with CSX my husband and I would be very greatful. I can be emailed at or skype at tinabrandenburg

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