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I parked at the church and took a couple of pictures, then walked a bit into the downtown part of the city. Maybe because it’s Sunday, maybe because it’s a holiday weekend, I don’t know, but there were very few people out and little traffic. I was glad about the traffic, but I was a bit concerned about the lack of people. Not because I felt unsafe, but it was just a bit weird.

Very few businesses are open weekends, and even though there are some great cultural happenings (like concerts and stuff at the DCU Center and Mechanics Hall) there seems be little civic pride here. There is a sense of belonging or not belonging, and I feel like I don’t belong. Maybe because it’s the Yankee attitude of distrust or at least non-acceptance of outsiders (meaning anyone who hasn’t lived here their entire lives) or maybe it’s just the vibe of the city, I have no idea, but I just do not like Worcester.

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That’s right I said it cops. I refuse to call them police officers. Yesterday, my Mommy was on her way to work in her rental Kia when she was pulled over by an undesirable – yes, a cop. She was driving down West Bolyston Street where I have many friends who nest at the Worcester Country Club. She saw the cop with his back to her writing someone else a ticket and began to slow down. He turned and walked back to his motorcycle, apparently he’s not high up enough to actually get 4 wheels. Then he went into the road and she was coming nearly to a stop and he waved her on and then over. He told her that she was doing 42 in a 30. Now, I ask you how did come to this conclusion? His gun unless was down – unless, he has radar out of his asshole and she was nearly stopped. He wrote her a warning and it said that she was going 43 – apparently, it jumped from 42 when he pulled her over – in a 30. The best part was he told her, “just slow down, hon”. HON!!!!!!!!! When she came home and told me that story, I was enraged. I am now having my friends at the Worcester Country Club “patrol” that street and that cop is going to wish he was in a car!
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If you’re a tenant, and your landlord is an asshole – just MOVE.

It’s not like there’s a shortage of apartments in the area.

And to the “fight the machine” all-landlords-are-rich-misers-who-deserve-to-be-punished types out there – grow the fuck up.

Time to wake up and deal with reality. Yes, people own rental property to make money. You may not have much money, but don’t shit on somebody because they’re tyring to get ahead.

Not to mention, owning rental property isn’t as lucrative as most people think. You’ve got a mortgage to pay, property taxes, taxes on the income, repairs out the ass, you have to foot the bill while your place is unrented, you have to practically remodel the place whenever anybody leaves because so many people are just completely inconsiderate and/or don’t have a clue about what they’re doing when they “decorate”. You have to suffer while people refuse to pay their rent. You have to advertise. And you always have at least one assfuck who is so jealous that you own the property that they have to pay rent for, that they’re going to make your life miserable. They’ll start breaking stuff “accidentally”, call you at 3 in the morning with broken pipes, etc. etc.

Should I go on?

The bottom line is that you’re forced to do one of two things – only own high-rent property which is what I do – were at least most people are mature about the situation.

Or option 2 – be a slumlord. Make up for all your excessive costs by not doing anything. You want to be an animal, here’s your cage – paint it if you’d like rents due on monday, pay it or all your stuff’s going to magically disappear.

It’s the only way to deal with the lower end of our society. Sorry, but that’s just a fact of life. Don’t like it? Educate yourself and move up out of it.
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Well that was fun!!! The 2008 Worcester Slam Team Finals were held tonight. A packed house witnessed a kickin’ open mic followed by 8 of the area’s best performance poets. If you were there you know who won. If you weren’t you missed laughter, open emotion, blazing acts of poetry and the best the performers had to give. Thanks to Adam Stone, Bobby Gibbs, Dave Keali’i, Erin Jackson, Gary Hoare, Nick Davis, Ryk McIntyre and Trevor Byrne-Smith for their amazing efforts tonight. Thanks also to the judges, Alex (our sacrifice poet), hosts Bill MacMillan and Liz O, and the audience, we couldn’t do this thing without you.

So who won… congratulations to Bobby Gibbs, Adam Stone, Ryk McIntyre, Trevor Byrne-Smith and alternate Erin Jackson. They will represent Worcester at the 2008 National Poetry Slam in Madison, WI. Join us next week for Simone Beaubien



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