AAS Deal: Expansion, kind of

“There’s an agreement in principle on the expansion of the American Antiquarian Society,” Palmieri tells the council.

Here’s the deal:


  • Will NOT go forward with plan to buy the house and the lot
  • Will NOT construct a parking lot on the tennis court
  • Will NOT oppose the Montvale Historical expansion
  • It is contingent on renovation of the Goddard-Daniels house, already used for scholar housing, according to the AAS website, and the construction of 20 parking spaces.  That work will not be opposed by the Montvale District.
Palmieri says both sides are very comfortable with the deal, but has asked the council to hold off voting on it so that AAS lawyers can review it.
(Councilors are patting the neighbors, the AAS, and each other on the back; we won’t subject you to the platitudes.)

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One response to “AAS Deal: Expansion, kind of

  1. They all blew a lot of hot air last night… but what about the owner of 1 Montvale who now has *no sale* because of this utterly absurd deed restriction?

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